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Past Challenge Rules (ended 2022)

 All challengers must make an appointment with Stuart

Landsborough via Puzzling World.

 Each challenger is required to deposit One Thousand dollars

(NZ$1,000) with Puzzling World before the challenge


 If successful, this amount along with the NZ$100,000 will be

awarded to the challenger. If unsuccessful, the NZ$1,000 will

go to a charity of Puzzling World's choice.

 The challenger will sit opposite Stuart Landsborough facing

AWAY from him. This is to avoid any chance of visual/non-verbal

indications from Stuart.

 They may ask questions for 30 minutes, however Stuart can only "think" the answers.

 The challenger will have up to 60 minutes to search within the 100 metre radius and offer TWO exact search sites (ONE for each part of the promissory note).


 To win the $NZ100,000 prize the challenger must find BOTH parts of the promissory note.

 Witnesses to the challenge are permitted and media coverage may include relevant information about the challenger.

•  Should the challenge fail or succeed both the challenger and Puzzling World have the rights to publicise the results.

 No major earthworks or damage to buildings needs to be undertaken however any damage caused will be covered by the challenger.

 Regardless of success or failure, after the result is known Stuart will show the true locations of the hidden promissory notes. Naturally, after the challenge they will be again hidden, but in different locations.

*How do we know Stuart is co-operating?
Many people have asked Stuart how is it possible for the challenger to believe that Stuart is truly trying to "think" the answers. Stuart's reply is that if telepathic communication is truly possible that the challenger would "know" he was not trying. It should NOT be possible to fool a true psychic! Not one of the unsuccessful challengers questioned Stuarts' honesty and cooperation.

 *Why is there a $1,000 challenge fee?
This is aimed at weeding out the time wasters! Only psychics who truly have a belief in their ability would attempt the challenge. The rules of the challenge are located inside Puzzling World, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.

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