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Over the years, Stuart has become more and more concerned with the increasing belief in the paranormal, "as beliefs

in mainstream religions decline, so does anything else supernatural increase"

Since starting his Psychic Challenge at Puzzling World several psychics have tried

and all failed. "Over the years I gained confidence in my beliefs and the safety of my

money! I've long since retired from my business, but have kept an interested eye on

the paranormal" he says

"The TV program Sensing Murder has become extremely popular in New Zealand.                                                                Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis watch the program and cannot help believe that it                                                               is anything but true

Many people say that Sensing Murder is harmless fun; IT IS NOT. It is dealing with

the distraught families of victims of crimes eager to hang onto any shred of “evidence” presented - it offers false hope and prolongs their anguish

See this website What's the Harm?  for stories of harm caused by psychics around the world.

I must admit, when I first watched, skeptic that I am, I too was amazed. But then the rationalist side of me took over and I thought more about it; I read critiques on the internet and realised exactly how they manipulated the program to make it look real


I am convinced that psychics, including those on Sensing Murder are frauds. The 2018 series, quite rightly, is being panned for its farcical claims at helping solve cold cases. Not one single case has been solved or even assisted police in any meaningful way since they took to the airways in 2006.

An aptly named web site, Silly Beliefs analyses some of the programs; the way the program has been cleverly ‘cut and sewn’ to leave out all the wrong ‘guesses’ and organize the lucky guesses into some sort of partially intelligible order. I soon realised that this program is no different to some of the childhood games I used to play; the ones where you were given clues to find or guess something: ‘20 questions’, ‘animal, vegetable and mineral’ and ‘find the slipper’. A few responses such as ‘getting warmer’ and ‘yes'or 'no’ make the quest a quick success"

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Further reading/viewing

Stuart's challenge is by no means the only challenge available to psychics, and in fact two

other challenges have been aimed at those on ‘Sensing Murder’, each with considerable

monetary prizes.

You could also look at the following interesting sites, including some of the world’s other

'psychic challenges':

•  Association for Skeptical Enquiry
•  Australian Skeptics - Victoria
•  James Randi Educational Foundation
•  The NZ Skeptics Society

•  The 1,000 Psychic Challenge

•  John Oliver's 'Psychics' article (language warning!)

Stuart's Wish 

Puzzeta SL_edited

"It is time that the psychic industry is regulated in the same way as the gambling industry - they are both extremely harmful to vulnerable people. 

The psychic reading industry is particularly harmful to those who are suffering the loss of loved ones - whether by death or break-up of relationships. The problem is not solely with shows such as ‘Sensing Murder’ - look at what is on the TV every night and see how many programs are to do with psychics/mediums, whether fictional thrillers or supposed psychic meetings.


It is time that psychics/mediums prove their abilities by participating in strict testing; they cannot keep hiding behind their 'fuzzy logic' that psychics shouldn’t or can’t be tested.


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